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The deadline for this month’s challenge is Wednesday! Please submit by midnight EST so that I can figure out the top 3 and post first thing Thursday morning!!

Also if you would like to donate for the Blythe goody bag please contact me! Currently we have nothing!!

Thanks & Hugs!



but don’t forget to take your Blythe along on your summer vacations so we can see what kind of trouble they cause or get into during the summer!

Loving the photos so far! Keep them coming!!

Luxielou was the winner of this month’s challenge Blythe in Motion! Congratulations yet again to Luxielou as well as to everyone else on some amazing shots! I hope that you all look forward to Challenge #4 Fun in the Sun!

We know that a lot of you run your own blogs… I’d love to see some listed here so we can all link up!

Here’s a few that I know about and love dearly! It is sadly a short list, so please leave me a comment with more!

The Pigwidget Chronicles


Blythe Blog


bewitched by blythe

Headuh’s photo was the winner this month of the Sweet Stuff Challenge!

There were a ton of great entries this month, so a huge thank you to all who participated! We will be announcing the 3rd challenge later today! With all of the holiday activities this weekend, and my wedding we just haven’t gotten to the inspirations shot! Also a big congrats to camillaeatfiftyeggs and merwing✿little dear for their awesome shots! And a big thank you to Embellishyourself and Sewberrycute for their donations for the goody bag for this challenge. And merwing✿little dear has already promised a donation for challenge #3!!

Thanks again everyone!

Just a reminder that this Saturday is the deadline for The Sweet Stuff Challenge #2!  So you guys still have plenty of time to load those photos of your Blythes and sweet tasty treats!!

I received the first donation today for The Sweet Stuff Challenge… and let me tell you, it is awesome! The donation came from the amazingly talented EmbellishYourself. I can honestly say that there isn’t a girl in my house who doesn’t wear a little something from Jenny’s shop. So put on your sweet thinking caps and start snapping those photos!

As part of the changes that we are going through with the admin of the group we have changed the address for the Blythe Photo Challenge Blog. I hope that you all continue to enjoy the blog and the group. Many thanks to MorganOrton and Zaloa27  for the use of their Challenge #1 Photo for our headers! Don’t be surprised if it changes! We would love to see all 3 of the top photos for each challenge appear as our header!

We are super happy to announce that Lunarsea is the winner of Challenge #1 – Up, Close & Personal!

And now on to the next! Challenge #2 – The Sweet Stuff.Love cupcakes? Like donuts and candy? Well if you do this will be an easy challenge! Use these things to inspire your photo’s! Jess and I want to see some sugary photo’s of your girls!

Have fun and remember, be creative!

As many of you have seen Milkyrobot/Sookie/Jess has decided to step down as the admin for the group. While we wish Jess the very best, it is easy to say that she will be missed, we are going to keep on with the group and challenges. Nothing will change other than seeing my name as the admin. I hope to continue serving you all as well as Jess did! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me either via Flickr or at the following email: blythephotochallenge (at) gmail (dot) com.

Keep up with all of the awesome submissions! and Let have fun! I will be posting the next challenge on the 1st of May.
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